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Caries Dental (Operative and Restoration)

Dental caries is a disease that affects 95% of the population, it is produced by a bacterium, which, from the sugars in the food, creates acids capable of demineralizing the structure of the teeth and consequently causing the partial or total destruction of teeth. the same ones of slow and progressive way being able to cause pain.

Periodontal Disease (PERIODONTICS)

Periodontal disease directly affects the supporting tissues of the teeth, ie gums and bone, is caused by an inefficient oral hygiene, which causes the accumulation of bacteria, plaque, tartar and calculus in the necks of the teeth, causing inflammation of the teeth. the gums, the loss of bone and consequently the loss of teeth. They are known as early stage gingivitis and advanced stage periodontitis.

Third molars

The third molars are the last dental organs to come out or erupt, the evolution of the organism has made them a problem because of the lack of space, it is necessary to remove them since their wrong position can cause pain and crowding, their evaluation is necessary and extraction before they cause severe damage.


The teeth over time and depending on what we consume are pigmented and changing color, today dentistry and aesthetics allow the dentist to achieve captivating and perfect smiles ... Remember that your smile is your business card! White teeth is synonymous with cleanliness, youth and health ... ANIMATE


Orthodontics is a dental specialty that based on aesthetics, balance and functionality, allows the dentist to align the teeth, uses mechanisms or bracket systems, which can be metallic, ceramic, sapphire or gold lingual, exerting the necessary forces to correct dental alterations or malpositions and provide the best functional and aesthetic benefits.

Maxillary orthopedics is a specialty of dentistry that caters especially to children who have a deficiency or alteration in the size or growth of their jaws, which will trigger in a future malocclusion, crowding and / or severe facial alterations, use specific removable appliances which are well accepted by patients; orthopedics prevents and corrects redirecting growth, can also be used in adults giving very good results.

Neuroclusal Rehabilitation. Once a dental organ is absent, the functionality in chewing, swallowing, phonation and esthetics is lost and it is the dentist together with the dental technician who, using dental prostheses, can return the patient's functions. and aesthetics with all normality, there are numerous dental prostheses including metal, flexible acrylics, fixed and removable.

And Extractions. Undoubtedly the loss of dental organs is the last step that a dentist wants to make and try to save the tooth whenever possible, but there are times when extraction is inevitable. TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH FOR LIFE

Also known as Conduit Treatment. When the caries has advanced too much and affects the pulp of the tooth ie the nerves, it is irremediably necessary to treat the nerve channels and replace them with special materials, under anesthesia and without pain, advanced caries until this point causes a huge spontaneous pain or with stimulation , with which it would be terrible to eat, sleep or talk, the nerve of the tooth is affected or simply dead, other reasons may be for fracture or trauma, a strong blow can cause the teeth to change color becoming dark, indicative of pulp death.

The dentist makes and creates smiles by making aesthetic veneers of resin, porcelain or zirconium, for this purpose he modifies the superficial and anterior face of the tooth, masking all kinds of imperfections, recommended in teeth stained by drugs, patients with diastemas or separations between the teeth and in specific cases, is used in most cases by artists and people who love beauty and perfection. "Art in the hands of your dentist".

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Art in the hands of your dentist


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Third molars

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