What is the right way to brush your teeth?
FAQ no. 1

The correct brushing takes at least 2 minutes. Yes 120 seconds. Most adults do not brush for so long. In order to get an idea of ​​the time involved, use a stopwatch. To brush correctly use short, gentle strokes, paying real attention to the gumline, the back and hard-to-reach teeth and the areas around seals, crowns and other repairs. Concentrate on cleaning each section well as follows:

• Clean the outer surfaces of the upper teeth and then the lower ones.
• Clean the inner surface of the upper teeth and then the outer of the lower teeth.
• Clean the chewing surfaces • To have a fresher breath, do not forget to brush your tongue very well and use an alcohol-free mouthwash and finish using floss.
• Tilt the brush 45 degrees against the edge of the gum and slide the brush away from the edge and from back to front. • Gently brush and sweep without applying force.

At what age should we start going to the dentist?
FAQ no. 2

The normal thing is that at 2 years the children begin to go to the dentist, so that they are taught to do self-grooming, a revision is made, and they start with fluoride treatments.

Brushing the teeth, since when should it start in children? How often?
FAQ no. 3

Ideally, parents should clean the child's mouth with gauze every day for the first few months. When they come out of the first teeth, brushing should be done carefully by the parents with a soft brush without using toothpaste. After 3 years, children should start brushing their teeth on their own with a little toothpaste, always under the supervision of the parents, until they can do it correctly and without help.

Why do my gums bleed when brushing?
FAQ no. 4

When the gums bleed is because they are inflamed, is a warning system of the body, which warns you that something is wrong and you need to do something about it, the accumulation of bacterial plaque, food and calculus or tartar can cause inflammation and bleeding of the gums; causing a disease called gingivitis. It is convenient to do an exploration to see what is the real cause of that inflammation and help you solve it by giving you advice for your daily oral care and perform a cleaning or periodontal treatment immediately.

When I eat food, do I feel my sensitive teeth?
FAQ no. 5

Dental hypersensitivity is the painful sensation that you can have when eating hot or cold foods or drinks, it can be due to many factors: caries, periodontal disease, bad dental brushing techniques, among others. This tooth sensitivity occurs when the gum retracts away from the teeth or there is a loss of dental tissue. You should use a soft bristle brush to avoid hurting the gum or teeth and consult your dentist to use toothpastes for sensitive teeth and to eliminate tooth sensitivity by correcting the cause. (caries removal, resins placement or restorations)

What is tooth whitening and is it true that it damages my teeth?
FAQ no. 6

Gels are used that act chemically, being able to reduce several tones within the same color of the tooth. The teeth are bleached by a solution of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen, in different concentrations. These peroxides release oxygen that penetrates to the most intimate structures of the tooth through the enamel and produces a bleaching effect. Whitening can produce tooth sensitivity in the days following its application because it continues to act to the deepest layers, but after a couple of days that sensitivity disappears without causing any damage as it neutralizes its action. Tooth whitening should only be applied by the dentist who supervises your teeth and knows the application techniques for each case.

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