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Our Clinic remains at the forefront in all Advances
Technological and Scientific Advances in the Odontological Field.

Intraoral camera

These mini-cameras allow to show the dental anatomy and its pathologies through macrophotographs enlarged dozens of times.

X Ray Scanner

A sensor inside your mouth sends signals to a computer, interprets the signals in images of your teeth, bones and gums.

Aeropolisher PROFITX

Device that expels a jet of water and air pressure, causing a fine microabrasion on the surface of the teeth without wearing down its structure.

Biosonic Equipment F1

Novel Advanced Odontological equipment. It allows a maximum performance of cleaning, and of very high quality, since it has Timers and specific Cycles.

Whitening Lamp

High intensity Ideal to accelerate teeth whitening in people with colorations and spots on the enamel.

Computerized Equipment

We care about your Health and Comfort. We offer the most modern equipment in dentistry that guarantee Accurate and Safe Treatments.

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